Northern Loop Cable Project

Beginning a few weeks after the 22 February 2011 earthquake and taking five years to complete, the Northern Loop Cable Project is one of the largest undertaken by Orion.

The project hasn’t just been one of restoration, it has also ensured Orion can support the significant business and residential growth experienced post quakes on the northern side of the city. It also supports Orion’s objective of restoring the network to pre quake levels of resilience by 2019.

The project provides options for the routing of electricity supply to homes, businesses and industries, thereby minimising the impact of outages on the network. And it also provides a strong foundation to support new technologies such as solar, battery storage and electric vehicles by providing our customers with the confidence they will have a robust supply when they need it - 24/7.

The $60m project involved the laying of a 38km circuit of high voltage cable, the construction of the Rawhiti substation, to replace the damaged Pages Road substation, the enhancement of the Dallington and McFaddens substations plus the build of the new Waimakariri substation.

The project is a fantastic example of collaboration with the contracting community and the community at large and is vital to providing a growing region with a cost effective and resilient power supply today and into the future.

Project statistics:

  • 5 years to complete
  • 38 km circuit
  • 115 kms high voltage cable
  • 141 cable drums used
  • 123 cable joints installed
  • 36 terminations installed
  • 13,500m3 of thermal fill concrete used.