Community engagement

Customer in Powerful Conversations workshop giving her views on the approach to safety

We don’t have all the answers. That’s why we talk with our customers to find out what their needs and aspirations are.  These conversations ensure we remain relevant to our customer’s lives.

We seek out our customer’s views on possible future investments, our customer service and how they see emerging technologies offering new ways to manage their energy consumption at home, in the workplace and on the road.

This has never been more important than it is today.

An era of transformation

It’s an exciting time in the electricity industry in an era of transformation, driven by new technology and shifting customer expectations.

With lifestyles that are becoming increasingly diverse, customers are looking for flexibility and more choice with their energy needs.

We are giving our customers a voice in our decision making through our "Powerful Conversations"  workshops, customer statisfaction surveys, focus groups, a recent online survey and our new Customer Advisory Panel

Customer Advisory Panel

Established in 2018, Orion’s Customer Advisor Panel is a forum for us to engage with leaders of community groups and non-government organisations that represent the interests of a broad cross-section of our customers.  With a customer advocacy focus, the Panel helps us understand customer needs, issues and service requirements.

Panel members represent a cross section of the community and reflect the diverse perspectives of our customers:

  • Danny Wilson, Acting GM Retail at Meridian
  • Leeann Watson, CEO Canterbury Employers’ Chamber of Commerce
  • Caroline Shone, CEO Community Energy Action
  • Simon Templeton, CEO Age Concern 
  • Tania Wati, CEO Mahaanui Kurataiao
  • Tim Baker, Burwood and Coastal Community Board
  • Pat McEvedy, Selwyn District Councillor and farmer 
  • Harry Gates, Orion Master's Energy Scholar, University of Canterbury  

Panel members will help Orion to:

Understand customer preferencesImprove customer satisfactionUnderstand levels of reliability and resilienceMaintain sustainability





co imagine the futurebetter serve the communityinfluence customer behaviourGet ideas for improvement from a wider viewpoint






The first meeting of Orion's Customer Advisory Panel was on 27 February, 2018:

Meeting on 7 June 2018: