Pricing guide and information

Electricity distribution networks are expensive to develop and maintain so it makes sense for one provider to manage a network in each area.

Because you cannot choose between network providers, our prices are controlled by the Commerce Commission, under the Commerce Act. 

The Commission determines price targets for Orion based on its view of what is in the best long-term interest of electricity consumers in our region.

The latest edition of our Pricing Guide is now available. The guide explains in plain English our approach to residential and business pricing.  

We also publish more detailed price schedules that outline our current prices, and documents that explain how we set and apply our pricing. 

We update our prices each year with new prices applying from 1 April. See our pricing update summary or major customer summary for details of our latest update.

Consultation on price changes 

Electricity delivery pricing in New Zealand is developing to better meet customer needs and accommodate a number of new technologies. In 2017 we consulted with electricity retailers, consultants, industry groups and technology suppliers on some initial changes that we proposed for April 2018, as well as discussing longer-term options. This consultation and discussion paper set out our proposals. This consultation response and progress paper summarises the feedback and our intended way forward. This feedback document contains all of the feedback received. We also conducted three customer focus groups. 

The Electricity Authority has asked us to set out a road map for our pricing reform and we have set this out in Appendix C of our annual Methodology for Deriving Delivery Prices. Each September we will provide an update on our progress.

Price schedules

Pricing documents

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