Our major projects

Orion has long been committed to providing a highly reliable yet cost-effective power supply.

We are continually investing in the development of our network to cater for growth and to enhance the resilience of our network. For example, $6m of seismic strengthening work in the mid-1990s is estimated to have averted $30m-$50m in direct asset replacement costs following the Canterbury earthquakes, and considerably more cost to our customers.

Over the next four years we will invest $300m in network development. A key goal is to restore the robustness of our network to pre-quake levels.

One of our most significant projects undertaken by Orion in recent times is the recently completed Northern Loop Cable Project.  The completion of this project ensures we can support the significant business and residential growth experienced post quakes on the northern side of the city. 

The following maps show Orion's projected urban and rural projects to 31 Mar 2027:

Further information on any of our projects can be obtained from our annual Asset Management Plan.  For any queries or concerns regarding any Orion project, call us on 03 363 9898 or 0800 363 9898.

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