Energy efficiency

By giving a little thought to energy efficiency you could save your home or business a lot of money.

Orion is a major sponsor of Community Energy Action (CEA), a charitable trust providing energy advice and insulation to those with the greatest need. CEA's website has excellent information about how you can achieve energy savings, as does EECA’s Energywise website.

At Orion we are keen to promote energy efficiency. Electricity networks are built to meet maximum customer demand at any point in time. In Canterbury, peak demand usually occurs in winter when extra heating is required, typically between 7am-9am and 4pm-6pm. So for most of the time we are all paying for a system that we are only using a small part of.

Rather than expand our network to cater for extra peak demand, which we would all have to pay for, we want to encourage more efficient use of the network assets that we currently have.

For example, installing timers or setting electrical equipment to operate at off-peak periods will save you money and spread the load on our network.

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