How reliable is your electricity supply

Orion manages one of the most advanced electricity distribution networks in New Zealand. On average our customers will have power 99.98% of the time.

During 2014-15 on average a customer would have had 1.2 network outages for a total time of about two hours. While these outage figures are better than the national average, they are higher than our pre-quake levels.

The Canterbury earthquakes had a major impact on our network but we are on track to return its performance to pre-quake levels by 2019. This report by the Kestrel Group outlines resilience lessons from the quakes.

We have a Security of Supply standard that has been developed in consultation with key stakeholders. This ‘table of rules’ describes the service we aim to provide on our network.

Over the next four years we will invest more than $300m in new assets to cater for growth, meet the needs of a changing region and complete our earthquake recovery programme.