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At Orion we are committed to ensuring our customers have a reliable power supply and receive good value for money.

Rather than bill customers directly, we charge the electricity retailers for the cost of delivering their electricity. They then ‘bundle up’ our line charges along with power generation, transmission (through Transpower’s national network) and their own retail charges into the bill that a customer receives.

Our line charges, which amount to about 28% of a residential customer’s power bill, are regulated by the Commerce Commission.

As this graph shows, we operate one of the more cost-effective electricity distribution businesses in New Zealand.

 Pricing graph


Reducing peak demand

Like roads, electricity networks have limited capacity. Orion’s ‘rush hours’ typically occur on very cold winter mornings and evenings – when people get up and go to work and when they arrive home from work, turn on their lights and heaters and cook dinner.

We could just spend money to increase the capacity of the network, which is like building bigger roads to cater for extra traffic. But this would lead to increased prices for capacity that is only required about 2% of the time.

We prefer to handle the peaks through load management and to have pricing that encourages more efficient use of our network.

For example, if a customer allows us to switch off their hot water cylinder for short, peak periods (generally this does not affect their hot water supply) they should achieve savings.

Consultation on price changes 

Electricity delivery pricing in New Zealand is developing to better meet customer needs and accommodate a number of new technologies. We are consulting with electricity retailers, electrical consultants and technology suppliers on some initial changes that we propose for April next year, and the path forward from there. This consultation and discussion paper sets out our proposals. Following consideration of any feedback we intend to consult more widely, including with customers, before deciding what changes to make.

Pricing guide and information

The latest edition of our Pricing Guide is now available. The guide explains in plain English our approach to residential and business pricing. 

Our more comprehensive Methodology for Deriving Delivery Prices was updated in April 2016.

To see a list of our disclosed pricing documents, please visit our pricing information page.

Retail pricing

Orion has the same delivery charges for all electricity retailers. The retailers have responsibility for deciding the final price that is charged to their customers. To find out which energy retailer is best for you, visit Powerswitch, run by the Ministry of Consumer Affairs.

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