Trees near power lines

If you see a tree touching a power line, or any other hazardous tree condition, please contact us immediately on 03 363 9898 or 0800 363 9898

DO NOT try to remove an item caught in power lines or a tree near power lines.

Be safe - tree trimming can be extremely hazardous and should not be underestimated. We recommend you hire professionals with the necessary expertise and safety procedures to competently carry out tree trimming.

Wind and snow storms are often the cause of trees and branches coming into contact with overhead lines and poles. If you have a tree that could impact on power lines, please remember that a power outage caused by your tree may not just affect you – it may have an impact on many people. 

Also, trees can become electrically live if touching a power line, children climb trees and touch power lines, and fires can be started.  For all of these reasons, if you have trees that are a safety risk then:

Trim early – keep branches at least 1.5 metres away from low voltage lines and for high voltage lines please see the Notice zone distances listed below. Trimming trees near power lines can be extremely hazardous and should not be underestimated.

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 Cut down – consider removing tall trees that could fall through power lines.

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The Law - the Electricity (Hazards from Trees) Regulations 2003 sets out the responsibilities of electricity line companies and tree owners. The purpose of the regulations is to protect the safety of the public and help to ensure a secure supply of electricity. See our Trees and power lines brochure for information on tree owners' responsibilities and safe tree management around power lines.

Electrical Code of Practice (ECP) 34:2001 sets the requirement for a close approach consent to be obtained from Orion if working within 4 metres of a power line.

Click here to request a close approach consent.

For more information about working with qualified tree professionals, please contact our call centre on 03 363 9898 or 0800 363 9898

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