In addition to our 150 infrastructure staff there can be about 300 contractors working on our network on a typical day. In an emergency that contract resource can more than double.

On most days about 80% of the work being undertaken is planned maintenance and development jobs, and the remaining 20% is reactive work, such as the repair of faults. In an emergency, the workload can be 100% reactive.

As well as electrical work such as line and cable maintenance, and major network development projects, we have specialist contractors undertaking tasks such as vegetation trimming, building maintenance and the removal of graffiti.

This section has information for the public about work involving contractors, as well as an area for contractors with technical information.

Public  access

Online services

  • new connections, disconnections and alterations

  • request a close approach consent to work near overhead lines

  • request maps showing the location of underground cables

  • technical drawings and information on our network standards and specifications (authorised users only).


  • the installation of small and large distributed generation systems on our network

  • request a high load consent to allow for the movement of large loads safely around our network

  • technical information on our ripple control system.

Contractor login access

In addition to the above information, contractors with login capability will be able to see network ICP jobs and real time information.

To access our online services portal, please use the link below.

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