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Irrigation interruption testing

6 November 2019

Orion will be testing its Irrigation Interruptibility Scheme over the summer.

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Partnering to protect native birds and power lines

1 November 2019

The Department of Conservation (DOC) and Orion have joined forces to protect native plants, birds and power lines on Banks Peninsula in Canterbury by controlling possums.

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New Orion building in Prestons Road

12 September 2019

Orion is building a new switching station on Prestons Road to ensure its network continues to meet the needs of the community in north Christchurch.

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Power line monitoring by helicopter

9 August 2019

Every two years we use a low-flying helicopter to carry out routine aerial surveys of some power lines in the Orion network. This is an integral part of our ongoing maintenance programme to ensure your power stays on.

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Orion switches on new power supply to Lyttelton

2 August 2019

Lyttelton’s new 11kV electricity cable through the Lyttelton Road Tunnel was switched on by Orion this week.

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