Future of energy event attracting those ready to tackle the big challenges

16 June 2021 at 3:27 pm

People with big ideas on the future of energy in New Zealand are joining the LUMO symposium this November. 

The first ‘LUMO Line Up’ includes Ari Sargent (Octopus Energy), Georgie Ferrari (Sustainability Trust), Stephen Walter ( Climate Change Commission) and Alison Anitawaru Cole (Principal Indigenous Law, Human Rights & Environment Consultant).

Hosted by Energy Academy, which was born out of electricity distribution company Orion Group’s commitment to ‘Powering a cleaner and brighter future’, LUMO will be held at the Christchurch Town Hall on 11 November.

Energy Academy Lead, Deanna Anderson, says LUMO is the platform to be daring, ask the questions people are afraid to ask and challenge the status quo.

“We all know the energy sector is facing huge disruption. We need a diverse voice and entrepreneurial mindset to be able to adapt.

“LUMO is not your average conference. We are democratising the conference model to give people a platform who don’t usually get one.”

LUMO will include debates, talks, panels, installations and performances. Key themes include democratisation, energy and humanity, decarbonisation, future skills, community ownership, kaitiakitanga and ‘the solar debate’.

Energy Academy is inviting people apply to LUMO to help shape the conversations on the day. To find out more, visit energyacademy.co.nz

LUMO graphicBackground

Energy Academy is cultivating a movement of diverse thinkers and activators to harness energy’s potential to create a more prosperous, equitable and sustainable New Zealand.

LUMO is one of the Energy Academy’s platforms to evolve thinking, open up a new world of possibility and give permission to make things happen.

Born from Orion Group’s commitment to ‘Powering a cleaner and brighter future’, Energy Academy was introduced to recognise the gap in capabilities needed to make this future possible.