Red zone electricity network is still live

6 April 2022 at 8:44 am

Orion wishes to remind the public that the electricity network in the Christchurch residential red zone is still live and anyone tampering with it is risking their life and that of others.

Orion’s red zone power network continues to power critical infrastructure such as pumps and lights, along with a small number of remaining residential properties.

Recently Orion has noticed some people may have assumed the network is no longer in use and have interfered with key components.

Poles, lines, underground cables, transformers and connection boxes all remain alive in the red zone and it will be sometime yet before these are able to be removed by Orion.

Although parts of the red zone are now open ground and appear park like, Orion continues to maintain the network to ensure a safe and reliable supply of electricity in this part of our community.

Steve Macdonald, Orion General Manager Electricity Network says people should treat all parts of the network as live at all times.

“Shocks from electricity can result in death and people should always stay well clear of live wires and cables.

“Our priority is to ensure that people are safe around our network whether they are working or playing.

“If anyone notices something that doesn’t look right, please give us a call and we’ll get there quickly to secure it.”

If any member of the public observes anything that they consider might be unsafe, they should immediately call Orion’s Customer Support team on 0800 363 9898 day or night.

Advertisement placed in local papers and poster put up in the red zone area: