Restoring power following winds last night

13 September 2021

Orion has had 35 crew members out since dawn this morning to assess the damage from last night’s storm and begin to restore power.

As a result of the storm, 1075 households were without power in the high country and mid-Canterbury, in some of the same areas affected by Friday’s storm.

By 8am Orion had restored power to 224 households, and 848 people remain without power.

Trees falling on powerlines are again the main cause of the outages.

Orion GM Infrastructure, Steve Macdonald, said, “Our network is designed to withstand high winds, but usually cannot withstand a tree falling on it.

“On Friday we found a tree had caused damage to six line spans, and this impacted hundreds of people and takes a long time to repair.

“I can’t stress enough the need for property owners to keep their trees well away from power lines.”

Macdonald says Orion will have a better idea of when it will be able to get the power back on for those still affected by mid-morning, once all 10 separate incidents have been assessed.

People are warned to treat all lines as live during the outage period as power may be restored at any time.

For the latest information on Orion power outages, visit Power outages, or call Orion’s 24/7 Customer Support team on 0800 363 9898.