Canterbury’s future innovators gear up

13 March 2018 at 8:57 am

Canterbury region high school students have the chance to design, build and race their own electric vehicles at the 2018 EVolocity competition which launched last night.

EVolocity2Rob McEwen, Executive Director of EVolocity, says the programme has a couple of key objectives. “It’s partly about opening young people’s eyes to the possibility of engineering careers. But it’s also about turning the next generation onto electric vehicles so that when they’re ready to buy their first car - they already understand how electric vehicles work and their performance and environmental benefits.”

EVolocity Canterbury is supported primarily by Orion, which has been a founding sponsor of EVolocity since it began in 2014. 

Orion CEO, Rob Jamieson says, “It is great to see young people working together to take on a challenge. I hope it sparks a lifelong interest in the power of electricity, and perhaps their first car or bike will be electric.

"I hope one day to see some of these young people knocking on Orion’s door looking for a challenging job in our industry.

"Electrification of transport in New Zealand is the way of the future and Orion is proud to help young people get excited by the possibilities.”

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