Good progress made to restore power

8 September 2016 at 8:00 pm

Fewer than 50 Orion customers remain without power tonight following the severe windstorm that hit the Orion electricity network on Wednesday night. Most power cuts were due to trees or branches falling onto power lines.

“Our crews will be working late into the night to restore supply to customers, but there will be a small number without power overnight,” says Orion CEO Rob Jamieson. “We are doing everything we can to get all customers back on the network as quickly and safely as possible.”

“We appreciate that for the customers without power it is difficult and frustrating, and we apologise and thank them for their ongoing patience,” says Mr Jamieson.

“To avoid the possibility of electrocution of those working on the lines we ask that anyone installing a generator have this undertaken by a registered electrician. An incorrectly installed generator may send power back into the electrical network while it is being worked on by a linesman resulting in electrocution.”

“If you see a fallen power line, or a tree on a power line, please stay well clear and call us on 0800 363 9898. Also, we appeal for people not to try and remove trees and branches from power lines. Please leave any works near electricity lines to our staff and contractors.”