Lyttelton upgrade this Wednesday

11 September 2017 at 8:47 am

To complete an upgrade which will improve the reliability of power supply to the Lyttelton area, the mains power will need to be switched off and the community powered by generators for around eight hours, between 8.30am and 4.30pm, on Wednesday 13 September. 

Contingency date image sm2This Wednesday, 13 September, Lyttelton to Cass Bay will be put on generators

Generated power can be less stable than mains power. We ask the community to please bear with us if the supply fluctuates during the day, and conserve power where possible to help us remain within the capacity of our generators.

Brief outage at around 4.30pm

At around 4.30pm there will be a brief outage of around 10 minutes, to switch everyone back onto the upgraded mains network.

Please conserve power where possible and be prepared

In the unlikely event that there is an outage during the day, we will work very hard to get everyone’s lights back on.

  • Make sure battery powered devices, such as laptops and cell phones are charged the night before
  • Know where the manual release lever of your electric garage door is and how to operate it
  • If you rely on anything that is power dependent like a medical device, determine a backup plan, and contact your electricity retailer for more information
  • During an outage, turn off or disconnect appliances in case of a momentary power ‘surge’ that can damage computers or other devices

How can I get more information?

See our Work Notice for more details. Please visit the Latest News section of our website for up to date information about this upgrade project, and any information regarding potential delays.

If there is anything we need to be made aware of, please email us on or call our 24 hour Contact Centre, on 0800 363 9898.