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Marshland switching station


Orion is building a new switching station on Prestons Road to ensure our network continues to meet the needs of the community in north Christchurch.

This $2.6 million project commenced in October 2019, with a new building being constructed on our vacant site at 391 Prestons Road. Orion purchased the site from Christchurch City Council in 2014.

About the building

The new building will be substantial: 35m x 15m x 7.7m high.

In keeping with Orion’s policy of not drawing attention to its infrastructure, the building will be a low-key, simple design, clad in buff grey concrete panels. See over for a diagram of the building, and location.

The existing vegetation on the site will be retained, somewhat screening the new building. Security fencing will be placed around the perimeter to provide for public safety and security of the installation.

What’s inside?

Inside, we will house switchgear for our high voltage, 66kV cable that delivers electricity from our Waimakariri and Rawhiti zone substations to the north of Christchurch.

What is the benefit?

The new switchgear, housed in the purpose built, secure building, will provide Orion with greater flexibility to switch between multiple alternative sources of power for this area. It means Orion will have alternatives in the event of an outage, the capacity to restore power more quickly, and increased network resilience should a major event occur.

The north of Christchurch is experiencing both residential and business growth and this development establishes provision for serving the increased needs of the area in future.


October 2019 – March 2020: construction of the building

January – April 2020:  installation of the new switchgear

April / May 2020: in operation

There will be no disruption to traffic, or power services throughout the project.

Project Details

$2.6 million project

Commenced October 2019

To be completed May 2020

At 391 Prestons Road

Building: 35m x 15m x 7.7m high

House switchgear for our high voltage, 66kV cable 

Supports growth in the area