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Powering up Belfast

Northern Christchurch, Belfast

In February 2021 Orion commenced a major project to increase the capacity and resilience of its power network to support future growth in the Northwood and Belfast area.

We will build a new zone substation on Blakes Road and lay a new underground 66,000V power cable connecting the new substation into the network at our Marshland Zone substation in Prestons Road.

Laying the new 4.1 kilometre cable will involve trenching progressively in sections in the roadway along Prestons, Marshland, Belfast and Blakes Roads.

Construction starts on Monday 15 February 2021 and will continue until early 2022.

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Project Details

Building new Belfast Zone Substation in Blakes Road

Laying 4.1 kilometre 66kV power cable to connect into the Orion network at Marshland Zone Substation, in Prestons Road

Increases the capacity and resilience of the power network serving northern Christchurch