Electricity Authority submissions

These submissions have been made in response to consultation papers published by the Electricity Authority. You can view the consultation papers on the Authority's website.


Submission – The future operation of New Zealand’s power system
19 April

Submission - Code Omnibus 6A and Option E consultation
9 February

Submission on EA Levy Appropriation
30 January


Submission on DDA Amendments
20 November

Feedback on code review programme number 5
10 October

Feedback on review of minor changes to the registry
26 September

Cover letter on targeted reform of distribution pricing paper
Submission issues paper distribution pricing - Appendix G
15 August

Submission on benchmark agreement and SRAM
30 June

Feedback on review of consultation and feedback processes
28 March

Submission to MDAG Price Discovery Option Paper
22 March

Submission to EA Updating the Regulatory Settings for Distribution Networks
10 March


Submission to EA Driving efficient solution Winter 2023
CEO Forum submission
16 December

Response to MDAG 100% Renewable power supply
16 March


Response to EA Transmission Pricing Methodology
30 November

Response to EA Compliance Strategy
23 November

Response to EA EDB regulatory settings, improving competition and supporting a low emissions economy
28 September

Response to proposal to increase the interruption reason field and unique request identifier
14 September

Response to consultation paper- Improving the framework for the Authority’s information gathering
23 August


Response to consumer care guidelines consultation
27 November

Submission on Consultation paper- Raising consumer awareness of Utilities Disputes and Powerswitch services
12 March

Feedback on Strategy Development-Working Draft Emerging Themes Discussion Paper
24 February 


Submission on consultation paper—Code review programme number 4
6 November 2019

Submission on Consultation paper- Integrating hosting capacity into small-scale distributed generation connections
29 October 2019

Submission on the proposed default distributor agreement 
15 October 2019

Submission on transmission pricing review
1 October 2019

Submission on quick wins for increasing access to electricity services 
11 June 2019

Submission on Real Time Pricing
30 April 2019

Submission on Distribution Pricing
19 February 2019


Submission on Distributed Generation eligible for ACOT - Upper South Island 
20 September 2018

Submission on Distributed Generation eligible for ACOT
3 July 2018

Submission on Connection and electrical connection guidelines
30 April 2018

Submission on 2018 Code Review
5 March 2018

Submission on multiple trading relationships
27 February 2018


Submission on data and data exchange
7 Nov 2017

Submission on real-time pricing proposal
10 Oct 2017

Consultation paper: Proposed minor amendments to ICP status reasons & register content codes
18 Jul 2017

Submission on enabling mass participation in the electricity market
11 Jul 2017

Submission on accuracy of hours-ahead price forecasts
4 Apr 2017

Submission on requirements and processes for audits: Inherent risk registers and update to audit guidelines
21 Mar 2017

Submission on TPM Second Issues Paper - Supplementary Consultation
24 Feb 2017

Archived submissions

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