EV charging

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If you have questions relating to the use of our chargers, please see our frequently asked questions.

Depending on who owns an EV charger there will be different terms and conditions of use. If you are using a charger that refers you to this website for terms and conditions, these are the terms that apply to your use of that charger.

Good EV charging etiquette

  • Please be courteous and don't park in a charging space if you are not charging.
  • Show respect and don't unplug another car without permission.
  • Plan ahead and charge up at home overnight. It reduces the need for more electricity network to be built, thereby saving the environment, and typically costs you less than daytime charging.
  • Be considerate when charging - log into Plugshare.com so that other EV drivers can see that the charging station is in use and when it will become available.
  • Limit your charge to what you need if the charging station is busy.
  • Observe any posted time limits.