Distributed generation

What is distributed generation?

Distributed generators, also known as 'embedded generators', are generators located at a home or business that are capable of generating electricity for use on the premises. They may also be capable of putting surplus power back into our network.

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Two information packs

We have two information packs for people or organisations wanting to install distributed generation and connect to our network:

Statutory, regulatory and safety requirements

Distributed generation must meet all relevant statutory and regulatory requirements and comply with all applicable safety standards. If you connect distributed generation to our network, safety equipment and procedures must be put in place to ensure safe interaction between your distributed generator and our network.

We recommend that you familiarise yourself with the following documents: 

The Electricity Authority provides information on the rights and responsibilities of a person or organisation wanting to connect a distributed generation system to an electricity network and the network provider. Part 6 of the Electricity Authority Code, Connection of Distributed Generation, was updated in February 2015.

The Electricity Authority website also provides a glossary of common industry terms.

For further information on distributed generation, please contact us on 03 363 9731 or email us.

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