Get connected

Connect to our network

Our network extends over 8,000 square kilometres and we deliver electricity to more than 225,000 homes and businesses connected to our network.

Our network is within one of the fastest growing regions in New Zealand, you need to apply for a connection when:

  • building a new property
  • subdividing land
  • installing a generator
  • altering an existing connection
  • for temporary supply

The current time frame for a contract manager to review your application is 65 days (45 working days). After this initial review the time it will take to approve your connection will depend on the complexity of the request.


There are charges for connecting to the Orion network, for urban and specified rural residential connections please check our connection charges schedule Note: urban classification is defined by your local district or city council

Commercial connections

When planning or developing commercial property connections you will need to work with us for cost indications. All connection requests are subject to our network connection standard

The connections and extensions methodology has details about our commercial terms for network connections and extensions and the commercial terms that apply to extensions to our network, connections in areas with existing supply and alterations to existing connections.

Temporary supply

Temporary supply connections give builders and other trades access to a temporary electricity supply at a worksite.

Please consult your electrician or get them to apply on your behalf as electrical details are required.

Any costs incurred for a temporary power supply is the customers responsibility (check the Orion Connections charges schedule) and billing will come from the electricity retailer.

Change an existing connection

You need to apply through our connections process to change a connection to our network. Changes/alterations to connections are available for:

  • Connection alteration - where you need to alter the capacity of an existing connection (this could be an upgrade or downgrade).
  • Overhead to underground - convert overhead line connection to underground.
  • EV charger - change the capacity to add an EV charger.

Connect in 3 easy steps

Electrical details are required, please consult your electrician for specific details or get them to apply on your behalf.

Step 1 - connection request

Make a connection request, you’ll need the following:

  • contact details including an email address.
  • the address of the connection(s).
  • electrical requirements at the property this includes the number of phases (one, two or three), capacity (eg 60 or 100 amps) your electrical contractor will be able to advise you on this detail.
  • the connection use (e.g. residential, factory, irrigation).

Ready to apply? Apply through Orion online services(external link)

Step 2 - connection agreement

Once we understand your specific requirements, if necessary a connection agreement is created that outlines capacity requirements and any other relevant legal requirements.  There may also be a capital contribution required connection charges schedule

Step 3 - certificate of compliance

By law, your electrician must provide you with a certificate of compliance for your connection, for a new electrical installation this will include proof of electrical inspection. The certificate of compliance is evidence that the work complies with the Electricity Act 1992, relevant regulations and codes of practice.

Once a copy of the certificate of compliance has been provided to an Orion service provider (connection agent) they will connect your property to the Orion network.

Ready to apply? Apply through Orion online services(external link)