Damaged power network

Keep well away from damaged power network equipment

Know what to do and keep yourself and others safe around downed power lines or damaged equipment.

  • Keep everyone well clear — at least 10 metres away.
  • Treat all electrical lines and equipment as live at all times.
  • DO NOT touch, move, or go near any downed, hanging power lines or damaged equipment.
  • DO NOT move tree branches or other objects entangled in power lines or equipment.

In any situation where the network is damaged contact us immediately on 0800 363 9898 and contact the Police on 111

Lines on vehicles

If a power line falls on a vehicle, the vehicle may be alive and anyone that touches or tries to leave or reach the vehicle could be electrocuted.

  • Stay in the vehicle until the line has been made safe.
  • If you do have to get out:
    • NEVER touch the vehicle and the ground at the same time.
    • Jump as far away as possible.
    • Keep both feet together as you land.
    • Shuffle away at least 10m, keeping feet close together and on the ground.
    • DO NOT return to the vehicle.

Keep children and young people safe

Make sure they know not to go anywhere near lines lying on the ground, hanging off poles or other damaged equipment.;

Move them away from the area, ensure an adult knows and contact us immediately on 0800 363 9898 and contact the Police on 111 

Children should also know that they must not fly kites or play with long poles, such as fishing poles, near power lines.

If items are stuck in branches near power lines, call Orion on 0800 363 9898 to arrange for one of our service teams to come and remove the item safely at no cost.