How to disconnect

You can permanently or temporarily disconnection from the Orion network.

Temporary isolation of existing supply

Isolation: Fuse opened and removed (isolated) to de-energise electrical supply to the building/installation.

Temporary isolation of your property can be carried out by a competent electrical worker (unless the fuse is located in an Orion restricted/locked asset).

The first step is to contact a suitably qualified electrical worker to provide isolation services.

Alternatively contact an Orion service provider who can provide these isolation services for you.

Temporary disconnection of existing supply

Disconnection: Fuse and electric lines removed from the building and pulled back to the pole (network connection point).

Temporary disconnection of your property from the network allows builders or other tradespeople to safely carry out work on your property.

The first step is to contact an Orion service provider who will make a request to us for the disconnection.

Permanent disconnection (decommission)

A permanent disconnection/decommission may be required when demolishing or relocating a commercial or residential building.

The first step is to contact your electricity retailer who will make a request to us for the disconnection. They will also arrange for any meters to be removed and finalise accounts.

Disconnections/decommissions are generally completed within 10 business days from the date we receive the service request.

Please note: any costs for designs or removal of equipment will be passed on to the requestor.

Fire damage to building

Where the Fire Service require us to attend a fire and the building or point of entry for electrical supply are damaged, we will disconnect the electrical installation and physically remove it from our network until further notice.

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