Powering Tīrama Mai

Orion, proud sponsor of Tīrama Mai 2024

From the Rakaia to the Waimakariri, Banks Peninsula to Arthur’s Pass, Orion powers central Waitaha Canterbury. Our network stretches over 8,000 square kilometres, bringing electricity to more than 225,000 homes and businesses, from remote rural areas to regional towns and Christchurch city. As a community-owned company, we’re all about helping our region thrive.

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Connetics, proud sponsor of Tīrama Mai 2024

At Connetics, we’re passionate about powering a cleaner, brighter future. With depots in Cromwell, Christchurch, and Wellington, we design, build, and maintain electrical infrastructure across Aotearoa. Our project management and logistics services mean we can handle everything, providing turn-key solutions for commercial and industrial clients.

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Tīrama Mai 2024


Tīrama Mai is a light festival like no other in Ōtautahi, Christchurch. It’s all about celebrating Māori arts and recognising Matariki – the Māori New Year. Kicking off on Friday 21 June along Worcester Boulevard, and organised by the Christchurch City Council’s Events and Arts team, the festival celebrates Puanga and Matariki.

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Matariki 2024


Matariki is the Māori name for a cluster of stars that appears low on the horizon in the north-east of the sky in mid-winter, marking the start of the new year. This year, we celebrate Te Rā Aro ki Matariki on Friday, June 28. The best time to see the Matariki cluster is early in the morning, just before dawn.

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Create your own light show in the spirit of Tīrama Mai!


We're excited to celebrate Matariki at Tīrama Mai with you. We’ve got 12,000 light-up yo-yos to give away!

Come and see us at the powered by Orion and Connetics site on Friday 21 June, Saturday 22 June, Thursday 27 and Friday 28 June.  View the Tīrama Mai map to find us [PDF, 163 KB].

We'll be there between 6pm – 8pm so you can grab a yo-yo and join the fun.

Mastering the yo-yo


The basics:

  • Holding the yo-yo - firstly make sure the string is wrapped all the way around the yo-yo axle. Grip the yo-yo in your dominant hand with your thumb on top and your index finger underneath. 
  • Throw it down - hold the yo-yo with the string hanging down. Flick it downward and release, keeping your wrist straight.

  • Let it spin - as the yo-yo descends, let the string unwind fully to reach its full length and momentum.

  • Bring it back - to bring the yo-yo back up, tug the string gently just as it reaches the end of its descent. The yo-yo should bounce back to your hand. Experiment with the timing and force of your tug to get it right.

  • Practice makes perfect - yo-yoing takes practice! Start with simple tricks before moving on to advanced techniques. We’ve included some below to help you get started!
  • Stay safe - be mindful of your surroundings, especially indoors or around others. Avoid throwing the yo-yo too forcefully to prevent accidents.
  • Have fun! Most importantly, have fun! Yo-yoing is a great way to relax, express yourself, and impress your friends. Don’t get discouraged – keep practising and enjoy the journey!

Ready to become a yo-yo pro?


Here are three simple tricks to get you started:

Trick one: the sleeper

The foundation for lots of other tricks – throw the yo-yo down with a smooth, strong motion. Let it spin at the end of the string, "sleeping" in place before quickly flicking your wrist upwards to retract the yo-yo.

Watch this helpful YouTube video(external link)

Trick two: walk the dog

Start with a good sleeper. Let the yo-yo touch the ground and gently move your hand forward so it "walks" along the floor. Pull it back up to finish.

Watch this helpful YouTube video(external link)

Trick three: around the world

Begin with a sleeper, then swing the yo-yo in a big vertical circle around your hand. Catch it back in your hand as it completes the loop. This one looks super impressive!

Watch this helpful YouTube video(external link)

Show us your yo-yo skills and win a Christchurch Monopoly set!


Show off your yo-yo skills in our light show contest! Create a 15-second video of your yo-yo light show and post it as a comment on our competition entry post on the Orion NZ Ltd Facebook page.

You could be in with the chance to win one of four Christchurch Monopoly editions and earn the title of Ōtautahi Christchurch's yo-yo champion!

Stay tuned to our Orion Facebook page(external link) for more details.

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