Energy Advisory Services

At the Energy Advisory, we know renewables and sustainable energy can create real change for our communities. We approach our projects with the goal to make a difference not only for our clients, but for Aotearoa.

Leveraging our expertise in distribution networks, other power systems and carbon in-setting, the team is uniquely placed to support organisations to accelerate decarbonisation through reimagining what is possible in the development of a customised solution.

Our goal is to help you explore and realise innovative energy solutions that will accelerate your energy transition and decarbonisation journey.

We design customised solutions for clients seeking:

  • Assessment and support for complex energy projects
  • Network engineering advice for large-scale complex customer hosting
  • Feasibility assessment for renewable energy solutions
  • Owner engineer services and project technical support
  • Technical or peer review of critical documentation
  • Net positive climate and biodiversity action support