How to connect to our network

Need to make a connection request?

Please don't leave it to the last minute - contact us early.

We are currently experiencing a high level of applications and may require up to 25 working days to assess your application. 

If you are building or are increasing the electrical load required to an existing site, you will need to make a connection request to Orion. You will also need to do this if you want to:

  • disconnect temporary supply or reconnect supply

  • subdivide land

  • request an underground conversion

  • install a generator

  • alter the size of your connection.

To speed up your application for a new connection, please:

  • first select your preferred electricity retailer for the connection, and call that electricity retailer. When you call the electricity retailer ask for a customer number and submit this with your application.

  • then make your connection request, as detailed below, to Orion.

If you require a temporary connection (metered or unmetered) you need to contact an electricity retailer to request a customer number as described above.

How much will is cost?

For most urban* residential new connections, Orion typically charges:

  • nothing for a new connection in a large subdivision, as normally the subdivision will have the necessary infrastructure in place
  • $620 plus GST for single phase, or $1,030 plus GST for three phase, for each new connection not within a new subdivision.

urban classification is defined by your local district or city council.

Commercial property connections

If you are planning or developing a commercial property, we have produced a commercial connections guide to help with the commercial connections process.

The steps to getting connected

A connection request involves five steps.  Select the steps below for further information. Details on cost and how long the process takes is included in Step 3.

 GettingConnected steps1 5


If you know about our connection process from previous applications made, proceed directly to our connection application form.

Start new application

For more information on getting connected, please view our frequently asked questions or for general enquiries contact us on 03 363 9898 or 0800 363 9898.

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