How to connect - temporary supply

Temporary supply connections give builders and other tradespeople access to electricity supply at a worksite where temporary power is required.

Your electrician can arrange a metered or unmetered temporary builders' supply with Orion  

For advice on options, please call us 03 363 9898.

All costs for temporary power are the responsibility of the customer.

How to request for a temporary supply connection

You will need to have a customer number from an electricity supply retailer to request a temporary supply. You cannot connect to Orion's network without this customer number. Please call an electricity retailer to request a customer number.

Billing for a temporary supply is undertaken by your electricity retailer. Most of the electricity retailers will provide a customer number for metered and unmetered connections.

Not all electricity retailers provide unmetered power supplies. Please check with them to ensure they will provide a supply.

More information on the connection process is available here. If you know all about our connection process and have a customer number from your electricity retailer, you can proceed directly to our connection services page.

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