Upper South Island load management

Eight upper South Island electricity distribution businesses are working together to effectively manage the peak loads on Transpower’s grid.

By managing loading on the grid at peak times, the Upper South Island Load Management (USILM) Project has led to a reduction in transmission charges and the deferment of investment in additional transmission capacity..

Upper SI control2

 The project is operated by Orion and works with the co-operation of all distributors in the region. During periods of high electricity demand, the system sheds household hot water cylinder load throughout the region using ripple control. In a grid emergency, the system can reduce water heating load on the grid rapidly to help avoid area-wide power outages.

 The initial project, which ran from 2009 to 2015, has been extended by the participating distribution businesses: Orion, Alpine Energy, Network Tasman, Marlborough Lines, MainPower, Buller Electricity, Westpower and Electricity Ashburton.

You can see the current upper South Island network load under 'Load graphs' on our load management dashboard.

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