Work safe near underground cables

Check for underground cables before you dig

If you are planning work to excavate or dig near underground cables be aware that touching, getting too close or striking a cable can lead to serious injury or be fatal. 

Make sure you: 

  • Treat all underground cables as live.
  • Underground cables can be deadly. It’s important that you check for them before you dig.
  • Underground cables can be buried at various depths depneding on when they were installed.

Worksafe provide a guide to safe excavation ( outlines the methods we recommend you follow if you are digging.

To help you locate underground cables in public places like streets and parks, Orion have free maps available(external link)  Because we don’t own the cables on your private property we might not have details about the cable placements, but call us on 0800 363 9898 before you excavate or dig to check if we can help.

Even if you do have maps showing the location of cables, we still recommend you use a cable locating contractor to locate cables. An internet search will help you find a suitable service provider.

If new underground cables are being installed at your premises, or to an outbuilding, ensure you get a position record from the electrician showing where the buried cables lie. This will be invaluable when undertaking any future digging work.