Work safe near underground cables

Buried power cables can be deadly.  It’s important that you check for buried cables before you dig.    

The OSH publication 'Guide for safety with underground services' outlines the methods we recommend you follow if you are digging.  You need to get all available maps of the area from all utility providers, including Orion, and you should use a cable locator, before digging.

Check before you dig


To help you locate underground cables in public places like streets and parks, we have free maps available.  Because we don’t own the cables on your private property we may not have details about those cable placements, but please give us a call before you dig so that you can check and see if we are able to help.

Even if you do have maps showing the location of cables, we still recommend you use a cable locating contractor to locate cables. The following companies may be able to help you with this service:

If new underground mains are being installed at your premises, or to an outbuilding, ensure you get a position record from the electrician showing where the buried cables lie. This will be invaluable when undertaking any future digging work.

Click here to request an underground map.

Access to Orion Distribution Boxes

Orion has strict requirements for those wanting access to our Distribution Boxes to connect customers to our network. In our Requirements for access to Orion Distribution Boxes we set out who can access our Distribution Boxes and the competencies and controls that need to be in place to ensure the safety of those undertaking the work and our customers, and the protection of our network assets.