Regulatory disclosures

Orion is regulated under the Commerce Act Part 4 due to its monopoly characteristics.  As part of regulation the Commerce Commission requires us to publicly disclose, annually on our website, a range of information.  This information has a particular focus on our performance and our price-quality path. 

Since 1 April 2014 we have been operating under a Customised Price-Quality Path (CPP), which was put in place by the Commerce Commission for five years to assist us to cover the costs of our earthquake recovery programme, which is now complete. In this financial year we transition to a Default Price-Quality Path (DPP), which is based on the last year of our CPP. 

During 2019 the Commission will reset the DPP that will apply from 1 April 2020 to 31 March 2025.  The DPP will determine the revenue we can collect from our customers and the quality standards we are required to meet during those five years.  We will continue to engage with the Commission throughout the reset process to ensure we meet our community’s needs.

Our plans

The Electricity Authority also requires us to publish information about our pricing, and our plans in the event of a national security of supply situation.