How to disconnect

Permanent supply disconnection (decommission)

Please note if you request a permanent supply disconnection, the electricity supply connection to your property will be permanently disconnected and removed from our network.

Decommissions - demolishing or relocating a residential building

If you plan to permanently demolish or relocate a building you will need to advise your electricity retailer who will send, on your behalf, a service request to Orion.

We endeavour to have decommissions completed within 10 business days from the date we receive the service request, and our contractor will contact the customer to schedule a time to attend site and complete the work.  The proposed date for decommission from the Orion network cannot be confirmed before this.

Whoever has the electricity account must advise the retailer so that meters can be removed and accounts finalised. Orion will arrange for an authorised contractor to remove the electrical supply to the premises and ensure that it's made safe at the property boundary.

In areas where there are overhead power lines, we remove the service lines or cable from our overhead electricity network to disconnect a supply for demolition purposes.

In areas where there are underground power cables, we remove the cable from our underground electricity network, usually via a boundary box. If there isn't a boundary box, we cut the cable in the footpath and ensure it's safe. Any remaining cable on the property is the owner's responsibility.

Commercial decommissions

Apply through your electricity retailer who will send, on your behalf, a service request to Orion. For more complicated commercial decommissions there may be costs to remove the equipment and designs may be required.

To talk to someone about a decommission request, please contact us on 03 363 9898 or 0800 363 9898 or email us.

Fire damage to building

Where the Fire Service asks us to attend a fire and the building or point of entry for electrical supply are on fire or damaged, we will disconnect the electrical installation and physically remove it from our network until further notice.

Temporary supply disconnection

This type of disconnection allows temporary isolation of your property from the network to allow builders and other tradespeople to safely carry out work on your property.

Please contact the following authorised contractors to arrange a temporary supply disconnection:

If you are working within 4 metres of the Orion network you will need to go to our online services portal to request a close approach consent..

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