How reliable is your electricity supply?

Orion manages one of the most advanced electricity distribution networks in New Zealand. On average our customers will have power 99.98% of the time.

At Orion we have security standards, or levels of network performance, that we strive to meet.

The two key industry measures of network performance are:

  • the average number of outages per customer per year (SAIFI: System Average Interruption Frequency Index);
  • and the average total duration of outages per customer per year (SAIDI: System Average Interruption Duration Index).

During 2017-18 on average a customer would have had 1.0 network outages for a total time of about 79 minutes. 

Our customers tell us reliability is their top priority. We work hard to maintain our high levels of customer satisfaction in Orion’s network reliability which is better than the New Zealand average.

Our Network Quality Report sets out how we have performed in reliability and resilience over the last five years. It discusses how we are measuring and improving the performance of our network and how well we are doing to ‘keep the lights on’.

We have a Security of Supply Standard that describes the service we aim to provide on our network.