Major customer information

Of around 201,000 customer connections to our network, approximately 350 of these are major customer connections. While major customer connections make up only 0.2% of our customers by number, they use around 25% of the total electricity that we deliver on our network.

What is a major customer?

  • Connections with loads regularly above 0.2MVA are categorised as major customer connections. This compares to the maximum demand of a typical house of about 10kVA.

  • A major customer typically has a dedicated transformer, rather than using our low voltage network.

Pricing for major customers

Our pricing for major customer connections aims to reflect their more limited use of our network and the economies of bulk delivery. We are also able to make use of highly accurate time-of-use metering for major customers, which measures both active and reactive loading levels by the time of day. Please refer to our Major customer pricing summary for a high-level overview and frequently asked questions.

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