Gender equity

At Orion, we strive to create an engaged and inclusive culture. To do this well, we know we must continue to attract, develop and retain a skilled and motivated team that reflect the diverse communities we serve.

Orion has identified a gap in our gender pay, so we are taking steps to make our workplace equitable for all, it will take time, but we are committed to closing the gap.

“Creating an equitable, inclusive workplace, that’s transparent about our Gender Pay Gap is fundamental to our progress as an organisation. We understand the incredible value and diversity of thought women bring to our workplace and we look forward to the day when the Gender Pay Gap discussions are a distant memory. For now, we recognise there is important mahi to do in closing the gap permanently and we are focussing our attention here.
Alice van den Hout, General Manager, Purpose and Perfomance

Gender pay gap

It’ll come as little surprise, our industry is generally male-dominated, but we are stepping up what we do to improve the gender balance not just at Orion, but the wider industry.

Our first step toward reaching an equitable workplace for all genders is to understand any current gaps in how we are paying our people at Orion.

To calculate and understand this we’ve carried out analysis on:

Overall gender pay gap

The overall gender pay gap is the difference between the average pay for men and the average pay for women across Orion regardless of role. The difference between our average (median) pay for all men vs our average (median) pay for all women is 11%*.  This includes overtime.

Our target is to reduce this number by 1% a year to below 10% by 2030.

Our action plan

Our overall gender pay gap largely comes about because we have more men in higher paying roles and women in lower paying roles and we want this to change. 

To reduce the overall gender pay gap to less than 10% by 2030, we will be working on the following:

  • A recruitment process free from discrimination and bias
  • Identifying improvements to our remuneration approach
  • Re-calculating and examining our gender pay gap 6 monthly
  • Working with our industry to attract more women into STEM roles
  • Actively supporting the development and promotion of women at Orion
  • We are also working on the following and will publish on completion:
    • Gender pay equity gap
    • Ethnicity pay gaps (where groups are large enough to report on)

We have already introduced the following initiatives to assist in closing the gap:

  • Partnered to deliver a Women in Leadership Development Programme across CCHL and the Orion Group
  • Launched an enhanced parental leave offering for both primary and secondary carers  
  • Fully adopted a flexible working policy
  • Offer unconscious bias and inclusivity training for our people
  • Released a refreshed Diversity and Inclusion policy 
  • Achieved Gender Tick accreditation



We’ll be reporting on developments on gender equity to our people, our board, in our Annual Report and on the NZ national pay gap registry –

*The Statistics New Zealand formula for calculating overall pay gap has been used to calculate this.