Orion Innovation Strategy

27 June 2023 at 9:24 am

Powering a cleaner and brighter future through innovation

Orion has launched its Innovation Strategy today, with a view to driving and encouraging a collaborative, forward-looking approach to a sustainable, equitable and resilient energy system.

“We’re living in an increasingly complex environment. While the broad direction of the energy transition is clear, the specific path is uncertain, so we need to explore, learn and adapt,” says Orion Head of Market and Customer Innovation Evie Trolove.

Orion saw the Innovation Strategy as an opportunity to create a tool that supports engagement and collaboration.

“We know innovation is vital to efficiently enable the pace of change for consumers and we can achieve more by working together. Our Innovation Strategy shares our priorities, process and initiatives, which will support engagement and collaboration with the industry, our customers and communities,” says Evie.

The strategy showcases some of the innovative projects coming from the electricity network. Projects include Orion’s use of drones to detect faults, initiatives to enable and incentivise flexible services from consumers, and automated power restoration technology to drastically reduce outage times, among others.

“We can’t simply fund one project and expect to achieve our outcomes, we know we need a well-funded portfolio of experiments to build collective insight and impact. We’re keen to hear from anyone with bright ideas to explore, and we encourage people to reach out via the website.”

Sharing information on innovation practices is a regulatory requirement set down by the Commerce Commission. The Orion Innovation Strategy was co-developed by Orion and AGLX Asia Pacific.

View the innovation strategy document, the innovation web pages or get in touch about innovation.