Orion looking for more flexibility

1 November 2022 at 8:57 am

Orion is calling for Expressions of Interest for flexibility solutions that could avoid substantial network investment to maintain service to one of its region’s fast-growing townships.

Planned subdivision and commercial growth in Lincoln, on the outskirts of Christchurch, is raising the demand for electricity in the area and requiring Orion to build a new zone substation.

Orion says it is looking for expressions of interest from energy entrepreneurs with alternative ideas to help lower load by at least 500kW at peak times in winter.

Orion General Manager Future Network, David Freeman-Greene says, “Orion is keen to explore new options for meeting increased demand, and partnering with others to go beyond our traditional approach.

“This is a first for Orion and opens our door to new ways of network development that could help keep our costs down and save our customers money in the long run.

“We are looking for flexibility solutions that offer cost-effective alternatives to a traditional network build.

“We serve one of the country’s fastest growing regions, and electricity use will only increase as the pace of decarbonisation builds.”

Orion says it is open to considering all forms of flexibility solution, including but not limited to provision of in-home batteries or businesses deferring load.

“We are keen to see how we can do things smarter and we’re reaching out to collaborate with people who have great ideas we can help bring to life.”

The Expression of Interest details are available here, and responses are due by 12 December, 2022.

For more information see Lincoln Flexibility Trial.