Transpower advice: Grid Emergency

17 August 2021 at 6:05 pm

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Update 2:25pm, 18 August: see Transpower media release

Update 7:32pm, 17 August:  see Transpower media release

First advice 5:30pm 17 August:
Transpower has issued the following media release. We understand this issue will not affect power to South Island customers.

Transpower Chief Executive, Alison Andrew, advises:

What do we know:
A conductor (wire) has fallen from a tower around State Highway 7 in the Weka Pass area, Waikari in North Canterbury. There is no indication anyone has been harmed.

What does this mean for consumers this evening?
The market is currently stable however, if there is a major plant failure, there is a risk of not being able to meet demand through the evening.

What is Transpower doing?
We are approaching generators requesting more generation now.
We have asked electricity distribution businesses (lines companies) in the North Island to reduce all controllable demand (such as hot water).

If this does not achieve the reduction we require, we will issue a further notice setting a further target for demand reduction.

Repair of the conductor:
We have crews on site now and are planning repairs.
The safety of our people is of the upmost priority. We will be planning repairs overnight but we are unlikely to complete repairs before tomorrow afternoon at the earliest.