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Roads of national significance


Rapid growth in and around Christchurch is placing demand on state highways. Design, configuring and re-aligning our network to support the NZ Transport Agency's Christchurch Roads of National Significance programme is also a major project for Orion. 

Orion's work has involved providing lighting, traffics lights and electrical services to new highways:

  • Southern Motorway Stage 1
  • Southern Motorway Stage 2
  • Western Corridor
  • Western Belfast Bypass
  • QEll Drive
  • Nothern Arterial

This $900m highway construction programme is the most ambitious ever seen in Christchurch. It will provide increased capacity and safety for various sections of state highways that provide critical routes to the Christchurch International Airport (SH1), into the Christchurch CBD and to the Port of Lyttelton. 

The images feature the iconic archway entrance to the city, the Gateway Bridge, at the junction of the roads to the Christchurch International Airport. 

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