Benefits of being a major customer

Reduced annual costs

As a major customer you have plenty of opportunity to save money on your electricity delivery costs by managing your electrical load during our peak loading times. This load management is totally at your discretion and typically includes manual and/or automatic control of large loads and the use of standby generators or other alternative energy sources, such as LPG.

If a major customer responded to Orion's pricing signals by turning off their entire electrical load during control periods it would reduce their following year's charges from Orion by around 50%. Even modest efforts to reduce electrical load during control periods can result in significant savings for major customers.

Accurate communication of high price periods

During periods of high electricity demand, we use ripple control signals to communicate to major customers that they are in a high price period.

This signal gives major customers the opportunity to reduce their electrical use through such means as turning off boilers, turning off freezers and running generators. This in turn, reduces their following year's chargeable kVA demands and minimises their future power bills.

We also provide a text message and email alert system that many major customers use. 

Find out more about becoming a major customer.

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