Orion is committed to environmental sustainability in our operations. We have developed and implemented an environmental sustainability policy that clearly sets out our guiding principles. These include:

  • active consultation with our stakeholders over environmental issues

  • minimisation of the release of pollutants

  • the sustainable use of resources

  • minimisation of waste

  • the wise use of energy

  • environmental restoration where we have impacted the natural environment

  • risk reduction.

We support the use of electric vehicles and have a fully electric Nissan Leaf, two fully electric Hyundai Ionics, and seven Outlander PHEVs in our fleet.

Outlander rebranded


Orion believes that the demand for electric vehicles will increase. We are planning for a future where electric vehicles are more common and working through various scenarios and their potential impact on our network.

As part of the commitment we are a key sponsor of EVolocity which is focused on promoting the environmental and economic advantages of electric transport in New Zealand.

Evolocity 015594


We also own one of the most prized examples of motoring heritage in New Zealand, the Walker half-ton electric truck, manufactured in Chicago, which we purchased in 1919.

Walker electric truck resized


We endorse energy efficiency initiatives through programmes like Community Energy Action.

View our environmental sustainability policy

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