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Update on power restoration in Diamond Harbour

30 March 2019

7:50pm update

200 homes in Diamond Harbour, Purau and Port Levy now have their power back on after a more than two a day outage as a result of a tree falling across lines in Western Valley Road on Thursday.

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Power restoration in Diamond Harbour

29 March 2019

Update 2pm

Orion has multiple crews working today and over the weekend to restore power to customers in Diamond Harbour and surrounding areas.

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Power out in Diamond Harbour

28 March 2019

Update 5pm

Checks of each of the 313 possibly impacted premises will need to be satisfactorily completed before power can be safely turned back on progressively to individual customers.

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Orion boosts power supply to Lyttelton

25 March 2019

Lyttelton is set to welcome the long awaited boost to its power supply when Orion puts a new 11kV electricity cable through the Lyttelton Road Tunnel in April.

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Common Ground all powered up

12 February 2019

Community gatherings at Common Ground on the corner of Bridge Street and Estuary Road are about to get a lot quieter and sweeter smelling, thanks to a new power connection put in by Orion.

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