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Sheffield pole renewal


Project update October 2022

The project work to renew the poles between the Annat Substation on Tramway Road and Deans Road in Sheffield is now complete.

What are we doing? 

We are renewing our power poles between the Annat Substation on Tramway Road and Deans Road in Sheffield, see map. Some of the poles on this line are more than 40 years old and are nearing the end of their serviceable life.  This means that while they are still doing their job, they are nearing retirement. 

We will be working on about 75 poles, with some being replaced and others being repaired. The line on the map is the route of the power line Orion is working on.



How does this affect me?

To do this work safely the power to some customers needs to be switched off and this means they will experience outages. We will be working from early August – mid-October. Outages will occur on weekdays only, typically between 8.30am and 4.30pm.

How will I know if my power will be switched off?

Affected customers will be notified of the planned outages by their power retailer. We will also send work notice, via email or mail, to affected customers.

While we’ve scheduled the outages, things can sometimes change. For example, if there is bad weather or crew illness we may need to use an alternate date.

You can keep up to date on outages on our website at:

Current power outages

To stay in the know about outages, you can sign up to our Outage Notification service on our website at:

Sign up for notifications

When we plan to turn the power off in your area for essential works, we’ll send you an email and/or text notification. And if things change, we’ll let you know about that too. That way you can plan around it.

What are the benefits of this work?

Orion proactively manages its power network. This means that we are constantly managing and maintaining our lines, poles, and substations. By renewing the poles along this line, we can ensure our network remains reliable for the future.

By replacing older poles in a planned way, we can avoid unplanned outages should a pole come down in a storm. If a pole on this line was to come down in a storm it may take others with it. Repairs in emergency response conditions could take time and see many customers without power during this period.

More information

Our Customer Support Team can be contacted on 0800 363 9898, day or night.

Work Notice

Upcoming work on the power network in Sheffield - Update

Upcoming work on the power network in Sheffield - Area 4

Project Details


Powerline between Annat Substation and Deans Road in Sheffield.


Starting 9 August to mid-October 2022.


Ensure our network and power supply remains reliable for the future.


To do this work safely the power needs to be switched off. Power outages are planned for some customers.

More information

Thank you for your patience while we complete this essential work.