Commerce Commission submissions

These submissions have been made in response to consultation papers published by the Commerce Commission. You can view the consultation papers on the Commission's website.


Submission: EDB DPP4 innovation and non-traditional solutions workshop
19 March 2024

Submission: Orion cross submission DPP4 Issues Paper
30 January 2024


Submission: Orion Feedback on DPP Issues Paper
18 December 2023

Submission: Orion cross submisision on Targeted Information Disclosure Review (TIDR) 2024
5 October 2023

Submission: Orion feedback on DSubmission: Feedback on Targeted Information Disclosure Review TIDR 2023 Draft Decisionraft Decision
15 September 2023

Cross Submission on IM Review 2023 Draft Decision
9 August 2023

Feedback on the draft decision of the Input Methodology Review
19 July 2023

Submission: EDB DPP 2025 Process Paper
23 June 2023

Submission: Options to maintain investment incentives in the context of declining demand
9 February 2023


Submission: Feedback on Price-quality path in-period adjustment mechanisms
20 December 2022

Submission: Feedback on expenditure forecating by EDBs
16 December 2022

Submission: Incentivising efficient expenditure regarding totex, IRIS and innovation
6 December 2022

Submission: Targeted Information Disclosure Review - Tranche 1 amendments
31 August 2022

Submission on IM review of draft framework and process and issues paper
11 July 2022

Cross-submission: Targeted Information Disclosure Review
3 May 2022

Submission on Targeted Information Disclosure Review
14 April 2022


Submission on the impact of decarbonisation on electricity line services 2021
22 December 2021

Response to Commerce Commission open letter on fit-for-purpose regulation
28 May 2021

Feedback on Levy Consultation 2020 (the Paper)
12 February 2021


Submission on Aurora CPP draft decision
10 December 2020

Submission on Wellington Electricity CPP to DPP
23 October 2020

Feedback to open letter on processes for resetting price-quality paths (the Paper)
6 July 2020


Submission on EDB DPP3 Recording of Successive Interruptions for SAIFI (the Paper)
18 October 2019

Cross submission on EDB DPP3 Updated Draft Models (the Paper)
16 October 2019

Submission on EDB DPP3 - Updated Draft Models (the Paper) 
9 October 2019

Cross submission on EDB DPP3 Reset- Draft Decision 
12 August 2019

Cross submission on proposed amendments to input methodologies for electricity distributors and Transpower NZ Ltd 

18 July 2019

Submission on EDB DPP3 Reset - Draft Decision
18 July 2019

Submission on Terms of Reference for Spolight on Emerging Contestable Services
12 April 2019

Submission on Cross submission on EDB DPP3 Reset
30 January 2019


Submission on EDB DDP3 Reset Issues Paper 
20 December 2018

Submission on IM amendments for accelerated depreciation
6 September 2018

Feedback on recent customised price-quality path processes
31 July 2018

Submission on emerging technologies
25 May 2018 


Submission on Powerco's CPP Proposal
20 September 2017

Submission on input methodologies review draft decision - related party transactions
20 September 2017

Submission on proposed changes to ID determinations for airport, electricity distribution and gas pipeline services 
25 July 2017

Cross submission on Transpower Capex IM Review
27 Jun 2017

Archived submissions

View archived Commerce Commission submissions from 2012 - 2016.

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